The Bavarian Bierhaus

Job 160511 - Bar Back
Glendale, WI

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Job Details

Location: Glendale, WI
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

A barback is a bartenders' assistant. They work behind the bar next to the bartenders. Many of their duties are similar to the bartenders' duties.

  • Collect empty glasses from the bar.
  •  When washing glassware, use warm soapy water to wash, clean water to rise and cold sanitizer to sanitize the glassware. 
  • Wipe the bar top constantly.
  • Restock anything at the bar.
  • Help the bartender on anything that he/she needs.
  • Wash all the glassware.
  • Restock beer, liquor, etc.
  • Clean the bar.
  • Place dirty towels in their appropriate location. 
  • Get rid of the trash and boxes.
  • Make sure that the beer cooler is clean and organized.


  • Customer Service: A friendly, relaxing demeanor, courteousness and quick service will help you get repeat customers.
  • Stamina: Expect long, busy days on your feet. You also might need to lift heavy objects like trashbags, kegs, or pallets of stock.
  • Teamwork: You will be working with servers, other bussers, bartenders and cooks to make a great dining experience. Being a team player is essential

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